About Total Consecration

Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary by St.Louis de Montfort

The Totally Yours app (for iOS devices and Android devices) is a free resource available to assist believers who desire to consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary.

Total consecration is the perfect renewal of our baptismal vows with and through Mary, and should be taken very sincerely.
According to Pope Saint John Paul II, ‘reading this book was to be a turning point in his life’- that this Marian devotion has been an integral part of his interior life.

In the words of St.Louis de Montfort – It was through the Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus came into the world, and it is also through her that he must reign in the world.
…Mary has been unknown up till now, and that is one of the reasons why Jesus Christ is not known as he should be.
If then, as is certain, the knowledge and the kingdom of Jesus Christ must come into the world, it can only be as a necessary consequence of the knowledge and reign of Mary. She who first gave him to the world will establish his kingdom in the world.

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St.Louis de Montfort proposes that believers ‘should spent at least twelve days in emptying themselves of the spirit of the world, which is opposed to the spirit of Jesus. They would then spend three weeks immersing themselves with the spirit of Jesus through the most blessed Virgin. Total Consecration is like a retreat for 33 days, with the Consecration on the 34th day.

The Total Consecration retreat is divided into four parts:
Part 1 – 12 days – The spirit of the world
Part 2 – 7 days – Knowledge of self
Part 3 – 7 days – Knowledge of Our Lady
Part 4 – 7 days – Knowledge of Jesus
Day 34 – is the day of Consecration, usually on a Marian feast day.

Believers who would like to take their prayer life to a whole new level are invited to participate in this Total Consecration retreat to experience the joy of having a heavenly Mother on their side, who draws each one ever so gently, as only a mother can, to her beloved son, Jesus.

This retreat when taken seriously draws the believer one step closer to the Mother and thereby one step closer to Jesus.