Totally Yours app – FAQ’s

The Totally Yours app (for iOS devices and for Android devices) is a free resource available to assist believers who desire to consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary.

Our Holy Father recently consecrated the whole world to Mary, why not join in and consecrate yourself and your family to Mary. You and your family will surely be blessed.

What are the updates released in the Totally Yours app latest version 1.3?

In version 1.3 some minor bug fixes were made to the ‘Light a Candle’ and ‘World candles’.

The previous version (1.2) includes updates made to the following two areas:
a) Home Screen: Buttons have been reorganized to make it easier for the user to take action by tapping on the ‘Start New Retreat’ button initially. Once a new retreat has been started, the other buttons then become available ie ‘Today’s Prayers’ and ‘Today’s Learning’. The ‘Dashboard’ button has been moved out of the Home Screen view to the Slide View menu. The ‘Dashboard’ (Slide View menu) becomes available after the user has completed one consecration.
b) World Candles: While users are able to tap on any candle displayed on the world map and pray for someone else’s prayer intention, users now are able to tap on the ‘Pray with me’ button and pray the ‘Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual help’.

1) How do I use the Totally Yours App?
The Totally Yours app ‘Home screen’ allows the user to start a new retreat. Users can then select a date from the  ‘Recommended Start Dates’ (Preferred option), or ‘Any Start Date’ option. The 33 day retreat is made up of four parts containing a daily reflection and specific prayers.Users may choose to listen to the reflection/prayers or read them slowly and prayerfully. By tapping on the image of Mary on the Reflections tab, the audio is triggered. Once users have started a retreat, they can set a reminder time to be notified daily to do their consecration. Users can then tap on ‘Todays Prayers’ fro the Home screen to view each days content. Also included is a journal for the user to jot down anything that touched them that day.The daily learning tab allows the user to specifically identify up to 3 areas that they’d like to practice or be reminded of throughout the day.
2) Why are some buttons on the Home Screen not working?

Some of the buttons on the Home screen become activated AFTER the user starts a New Retreat. If the user has not yet begun a retreat, the only buttons available from the Home screen are ‘Start New’ and ‘Light a Candle’. Once a retreat has started, the user will have access to the other buttons – ‘Today’s Prayer’ and ‘Today’s Learning’.

3) Why should I sign up for a Recommended Start Date retreat?

St. Louis de Montfort suggests that one of the best ways to consecrate oneself is to complete a retreat that ends on a Marian feast day. That is the sole reason for the Recommended Start Dates as the ‘preferred’ option. However, the app does provide users with the option to start a new retreat on any date.

4) Can I sign up for a Recommended retreat that is in the past?

It is suggested that believers sincerely participate in the retreat from beginning to end as each section builds on the other. The app is structured to display only the current days Reflection/Prayers (Todays Prayers). Users can manually go through the material (under ‘Contents’ menu) for the days missed, it is important to ponder on the Reflections and Prayers giving them time to be absorbed and to bear fruit.

5) Can I sign up for a Recommended retreat that is in future?

Yes – the user can select a future start date from the ‘Start New’ view and then within the ‘Settings’ menu, enter the future start date/time.

6) Do I need internet access to use the app?

Users don’t require internet access to use the consecration/retreat portion of the app. However, in order to utilize the ‘Candle’ feature, internet access is required.

7) What is the Candle feature?

The Candle feature allows the user to offer up their prayer intentions by lighting a candle. The candle will be lit for 9 days. If the user has started a retreat, the lit candle will display on all retreat tabs (Reflections, Prayers, Journal & Learning). However, within the Pray Now view (Light a Candle->Pray Now), there are a couple built in prayers for users to utilize when they are praying for their intentions. Users can also share their candle with the person they are praying for (Share button with built-in email content). The candle is then displayed on the Global view, so others can also join and pray for your intentions.

8) What is the difference between My Candles and World Candles?

My Candles is a collection of candles that you have lit and the various intentions that you have offered. This becomes activated after you have completed your first candle. Whereas, World Candles allows users (with internet connectivity) to visually see the candles offered by themselves and others globally. Users can tap on any candle to pray for another believer as a sign of our christian unity, as the body of Christ. Users can also view what is being frequently prayed for and also how many candles are lit by country.

9) How do I pray for intentions that are not listed in the app?

Users are invited to use the ‘Other’ option under ‘Prayer intentions’. They can then enter in their specific prayer intention that’s not listed in the app.

10) Why is there a charge for the Candles?

While the app is provided free of charge, there are many charges that the developer has to pay. As an alternative to charging for the app itself, the developers are charging for the optional candle feature. Traditionally, in a Church, users pay a small fee usually $2 to light a candle – however, for a .99c charge in the app (optional), users can now keep their candle burning virtually for 9 days, they can share their candle with their family/friends and keep a track record of all their personal candles/intentions.

All funds received through the purchase of candles, goes towards keeping the website, apps afloat and will also be utilized to enhance the apps with new features.

Have you been blessed by this site or these apps?

If you have been blessed by this site or these apps, do take a few moments to provide your feedback/review on the app store (This can also be done from within the app: Slide view menu – Bless Others – Share now). Please also consider spreading the word with your family, friends and community. If you have a testimonial to share, we would love to hear from you. You can send us an email here. The developers reserve the right to moderate all testimonial submissions prior to releasing them for posting on the website. Download the Totally Yours poster to share with your Parish or social media community.

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