Passion App/Booklet – FAQ’s

UPDATE Android App- Released Maundy Thursday Download from the Play Store
The next version of the Passion app will include several new features. Thank you for your prayer support. Please help spread devotion to the Passion.
1) How do I use the Passion of Jesus App/booklet?
According to scripture and sacred tradition, the events of the passion happened over a 24 hour period. Hence the steps of the passion have been adapted to fit into a 24 hour timeline. Individuals are invited at each passion event to pause & glance at our Lord and allow the power of the passion to permeate their current situation. App users are prompted/alerted at each passion step, to take the time to prayerfully read through the relevant reflection, make a sincere response and offer up the suggested prayer intentions. App users may also take advantage of the several Catholic prayers & devotions to pray during each passion step.
Booklets also list the suggested time of each passion event, so that believers could at those specific times, follow the recommended prayer by St.Alphonsus de Liguori. They can then pray for the Grace/Fruit for that appropriate step. For ex. If it’s 8pm, turn to the passion event & prayer for 8pm; or if it is 10am, you could turn to the passion event & step closest to 10 am.
2) Did the passion events actually take place at that specific time?
The timeline offered is only to serve as a guideline. There is no definitive way of knowing at what time each event occurred. However, we do know that the event did take place over a 24 hour period right from the onset of our Lord’s passion until the time of his crucifixion. Our goal is to accompany our Lord during his passion, irrespective of the exactness of the hour or time the event occurred.
3) How do I benefit from the Passion prayers?
A suggested method would be that, at the specified time, as one gets used to the passion timeline, prayerfully immerse yourself into that particular event. Allow yourself to feel & experience what Jesus was going through out of immense love for you. Then slowly read the accompanying prayer identifying with each word. Out of tender love for Jesus & what he suffered make a heartfelt response while firmly resolving to turn from sin & belong to Him completely. Ask Him for grace & strength in your present need. By witnessing that passion event believe that He cares & understands your deepest need and by the merits of His passion, He will carry you through.
4) What if I cannot say the Passion prayers for a specified time?
The passion prayers are recommended by saints as the best way to grow in holiness & virtue. It is understandable that the prayers during midnight to early morning are difficult to adhere to. However, the entire passion could also be completed in an hour overlooking the timeline. The goal is to be able to discipline our hearts & minds to ponder on the passion frequently and grow in holiness.
5) My schedule doesn’t allow me to follow the suggested 24 hour passion timeline?
God understands our need to fulfill our basic vocation. However, when you are able to get a few moments, do make the effort to follow the passion events. Even if you’re not able to say the recommended prayers, cast a glance at your Lord, ponder the image and let that stay with you. Note: With the ‘App’ version you can customize the timeline to 8 hours, 1 hour or 30 minutes.In the updated App version  there is also a ‘manual’ option for users to move at their own pace i.e. not time-bound.
6) I’d like to share these booklets with friends & co-workers. How do I order these booklets?
This is a good way to evangelize and spread the love of God through His Passion. Information on ordering the booklets are provided on the last page of the booklet. You can send an email to, speciying the quantity required.
7) Is this booklet available in other forms/media?
Yes, there is an ‘App’ version that became available mid March 2013.The initial app version is for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.  Click here to review the product on the App store. The Android version is also now available for download from the Play store.
8) How will I know when the App is released?
The iOS version is currently available for download on the App store. The Android version is also now available for download from the Play store.
9) Can I see a demo of what the App looks like?
Yes , a demo of the app is available at
10) Does the App version require internet access/connectivity?
No, the App version once downloaded from the App Store is made available on your iPhone,iPod & iPad instantly and doesn’t require internet connectivity.
11) Is the App version exactly the same as the mini-booklet?
No, the App version is much more extensive and includes reflections, my response, prayer intentions, the ability to customize the timeline into other modes as well as daily passion meditations & several favorite catholic prayers. There will be ongoing enhancements/updates to the App version that the user will receive automatically.
12) What do the letters ‘TPOJ’ stand for on the App icon?
The letters stand for ‘The Passion of Jesus’.
13) Have you been blessed by the Passion devotion and this website?
We’d love to hear from you and how you’ve been blessed. You can send us an email here. Why not consider spreading this devotion within your Parish/Prayer group community. You can download a poster for the Church from our Resources section