About us

Life Saver is focused on the primary objective of being a catalyst in the transformation of individual lives through the use of mobile media.

Over the last 23+ months(2011-2013), I’ve been working on a spiritual project to evangelize via technology/media.

I was inspired at the consecration mass in completion of a 33 day total consecration to Jesus through Mary (St.Louis de Montfort).

One of the areas of focus that became clear to me after prayer, was the passion of our Lord. This historical intervention has since then, consumed me and thus began my interest in this project.

Not being a techie myself, I provided the concept/design and approached several individuals for technical assistance in pulling this together. However, the concept or design was new to their experience or technically too challenging and the project took a back seat.

It would not be accurate if I conveyed that I did not experience periods of despair & doubt and that this inspiration may only be a figment of my imagination. However, as time went by, I’d adapted my prayer to sincerely acknowledge, not my will but His be done.

Several months later (Oct 6, 2012), at the 1st anniversary mass of late Fr.Bob Bedard (Founder of the Companions of the Cross), as I knelt in prayer after Communion, I sensed the Lord say, ‘Spread my word’.

After this, it was truly providence that brought this project back on tracks. I was given a contact by the Associate Pastor, CC at St. Timothy’s Catholic church, Toronto, Canada regarding the technical assistance that I was seeking. The door was finally opened and I was blessed with a technical team with whose help I was able to bring this project to completion.

The Passion app is dedicated to all believers struggling on the road to Holiness. As we pick up our own daily cross and follow Jesus in His passion, we will surely encounter His Divine love, that brings healing, that gives us grace to endure, that sets us free to choose Him and to ‘cast all our cares on Him, for He cares for us’.